A smart navigator for events
and places in St. Petersburg

A platform that includes a mobile application and a website with descriptions of places, events and activities
The project had two stages
To find a CEO
Who will built a team and launch the MVP (minimum viable product) of the project
To built a team
When the MVP was launched, it was necessary to evaluate the team for compliance of competencies with new goals.
To plan the development and to upgrade
Milana Dzhidzhoeva headhunter Soter executive search
Milana Dzhidzhoeva
CEO & Founder soter
"6 people invested in the project. Each of them had their own idea of what the product should be and its development trajectory. It was necessary to coordinate the goals and bring to a common denominator an understanding of the main function of and the requirements to the project manager."

To look for and select a manager

We made a competence map
We studied the idea and the features of the project, its monetisation options. We reviewed the goals and objectives of the project for the period of seed investments, with the business plan, as well as the vision of the final product. We interviewed all stakeholders for their understanding of the main function of the CEO, identified and brought to a common denominator the key requirements.

Using this data, the tasks that the CEO was supposed to take on were put, a competence map was made for being realised, as well as an agreed profile of the position.
We made a search map
We analysed the competitors' market, the organizational structure of similar projects, personalities for further communication and elaboration of the reference component of the search.

We made a search map in which we described in detail the channels for finding the specialist we need, including possible "donor companies".
As a specialist with the most relevant experience was needed, headhunting was chosen as the main search channel.
A candidate search and verification

We consistently worked out the search map, clearly tracking the performance metrics of each search channel. We chose 7 candidates from the companies with the personnel potential of interest, with whom we entered the negotiations. As a result, 3 candidates passed the initial evaluation and were included in a short-list.

Using the results of the interview with the customer, the most suitable candidate was selected, who passed a comprehensive assessment.

We did not just find a CEO,
but also established communications

The vector of development
The position of the group of investors on the trajectory of the project development, as well as the tasks and functionality of the CEO was agreed upon
We hunted the CEO
The analysis of the project and benchmarking of the Russian market were carried out. The CEO, who built the primary team and brought the project to the MVP, was hunted
As a bonus we found useful experts to consult shareholders on the development of the project
The results of the CEO's work
During the first month, a team was organised to create an MVP. And three months later, within the framework of the "Cultural Forum", the first version of the Best.Petersburg application, and the website were launched
The results of the CEO's work
During the first month, a team was organised to create an MVP. And three months later, within the framework of the "Cultural Forum", the first version of the Best.Petersburg application, and the website were launched
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Stakeholders adjusted their development plans, when the first version of the product was launched and hypotheses were tested. In this regard, it required an assessment of the existing team, its optimisation and reorientation to new goals
We assessed the team
We had interviews with investors, CEO, product owner, and all other members of the existing team. We also reviewed the updated trajectory of the project development and helped to eliminate disagreements in its vision among investors.

At the general session, communication errors between investors and the team that appeared during the development of the MVP were resolved.
And the evaluation of the project participants made it possible to determine the missing competencies of the entire team, as well as the intersections of existing ones.
We optimised the functionality
In accordance with the distribution of project tasks into urgent and pending, we grouped several blocks of competencies. Thus, we built the necessary team composition at the top level.

A general organisational structure of the company for 31 people was also created.

Taking into account this composition and distribution of tasks, the roles of existing team members were reviewed, and some functions were redistributed. This led to a more uniform workload and to a better staff focusing.
We chose staff
Job profiles were formulated for the blocks not covered by existing employees and suitable specialists were selected.

We built a team for the
development of the project

Bottlenecks and missing competencies were identified. A set of team competencies necessary to achieve the goals was made
A new vector
A common understanding of the current and long-term goals of the team and investors was agreed upon
The team
A management team was optimized, some functions were redistributed among existing participants, new ones were found for the missing ones
Our other successes: