Executive Search

We deeply study the labour market, processes within the company, corporate culture and ethics to find a qualified candidate.
We use smart recruitment based on progressive methods of search an evaluation with the elements of the best practices in the field of management and psychology. That allows to integrate delicately effective staff into the client's business.

We are European-level experts in hunting.
We know how to get a particular staff member, needed to the client, tactfully and without violation business ethics.
We find contacts, assess risks and protect confidentiality.
We have a wide database of specialists in passive search.
Executive search

Targeted search for top managers to the needs of your business. We monitor in detail business rivals and the labor market. We cooperate closely with key industry experts. We find qualified candidates, assess their competencies as well as identify motivation and present them to the client.
The way we work
Finding out more about the company
We interview all stakeholders such as business owners and management teams. We study the structure of the company, its business target, its vision of the final result, internal culture and micro-climate.

We organise a candidate profile. At the base of such a profile there is not just a list of functionality, but the competencies necessary to achieve objects of the company and considering individual features of the client.
Analyse the market
We analyses thoroughly the competition environment (benchmarking). We identify key players, industry experts and influencers. We work with industry communities and verify the best candidates in both given and adjacent segments.

Using this data we organise a search map, including open channels, referral, selection, donor companies and particular individuals.
Looking for a specialist
We work through the search map step by step using all possible sources. We compile long-lists and interview candidates. If it's needed, we invite experts in experts in specific industries to assess professional skills.

We compile short-lists of the most qualified candidates, based on the interviews, and interview them with the client.
We assess
We do a full assessment of soft skills of the final candidate using professional and personal questionnaire, which outline the psycho type and professional skills of the candidate.

At the same time we gather recommendations, using method 360 we interview employees, managers and colleagues of the candidate. Our security service conducts a full check for the candidate's dependability.

As a result, our clients get fully tested and motivated employees.
Their skills and competencies correspond to the stated requirements of the company as much as possible. They are able to strengthen the team and bring to the necessary business results.

The way we were choosing
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