Partnering sessions

A partnering session is an investment in a long-term and effective business partnership. Moving synchronously along the agreed vector, the co-owners of the business are faster and more likely to reach their cherished goal.

The format of partner sessions allows you to prevent most of disputes by being proactive. By agreeing “on the shore” on the terms of partnership and scenarios of actions in various situations, co-owners minimize the likelihood of conflicts both at the personal and business levels. As a result, a conscious partnership works longer, is more stable, and allows you to achieve the desired result.
The way we work
Exploring the context
During an in-depth interview with one of the partners, we learn information about the stage of formation of the partnership, the reasons for its emergence, and the current issues.

Depending on the data received, we adapt the content of the future partner session and focus on specific aspects of cooperation, which are especially important for business sustainability and stable relationships between partners.
Conducting a partnership session
We organize a meeting with all partners, where participants in the format of a moderated discussion agree on the terms of cooperation and receive answers to even the most uncomfortable questions.

During the partnership session, entrepreneurs come to an agreement on important aspects of joint activities, including:
— strategic vision of partnership development;
— business and legal aspects of cooperation;
— features of the relationship between partners;
— privileges and restrictions imposed on co-owners;
— conditions for exiting the partnership.

All individual and partner sessions are strictly confidential!
Drawing up a partnership agreement
The agreements received during the session are recorded in the partnership agreement, which is signed by the co-owners of the business. Despite the fact that this document has no legal force, it reflects the "rules of the game" and regulates the relationship between partners.

The partnership agreement is the basis for the future Corporate Agreement and the Articles of Association and contains not only the official terms of the partnership, but also informal agreements that can prevent potential conflicts.