Diagnostics of the candidate's personality is an opportunity to find out in advance his psychological qualities, deep values, personal convictions, key motives, attitude to work processes. With this information, you will be able to manage human capital more effectively and introduce only suitable people into the company who will not break its ecology and will help achieve strategic business goals sooner.

Various formats are used to diagnose the personality of candidates and employees such as psychometric testing, business games, business cases, projective, situational and behavioral interviews, expert observation, as well as some profiling techniques. Together they provide maximum diagnostic reliability. This means that the results of the study objectively reflect the candidate's personal profile.
The way we work
We assess
In our asset we have the best foreign and domestic technologies for diagnosing personal qualities and competencies of the staff, such as tests and questionnaires of SHL, Talent Q, Hogan, BITOBE, technologies of assessment centers. We adapt any of the standard techniques to the specifics of your corporate environment.
We analyse the results
After the research, you will get a comprehensive objective psychological characteristic of an employee or a candidate for a position. You will see his or her strengths and weaknesses, as well as capabilities in the field of task, people and self management.
Assess personal, business, and leadership qualities.
We give recommendations
We offer the best options to introduce a new specialist into the corporate system, speed up his or her adaptation and immediately start working on the result. We develop a professional growth map and motivational programs for active workers.
The personal questionnaire is an effective tool for recruiting and staff development. The professional personality questionnaire is one of the integral procedures of the assessment and development centres.