Staff evaluation

Comprehensive staff evaluation is a tool of
boosting efficiency and company profitability.

Its purpose is to determine the level of the staff competence, their business and personal characteristics and whether they correspond to the corporate values.
The analysis of the assessment results lets us optimise the management system, redirect functionality, identify weak points in personnel policy, strengthen the team and exclude inefficient employees from it.
The way we work
Conduct a research
We use more than 30 diverse technologies to an objective and comprehensive assessment of top-management, narrow specialists, line staff. Among these technologies there are SHL-tests, case-methods, lie verification, competences interviews, profile methods and etc.
Analise data
Using the gathered data we identify the potential of the staff and points of growth in hard and soft skills, missing competences, inner motivation and teamwork.
We give recommendations
We select motivational methods and redesign the KPI system. We optimise individual processes, which lower work efficiency. This provides an opportunity to build a strong and stable team.