Profiling and verification of lies

Profiling is a delicate method of assessing a candidate, which allows you to establish his psychological suitability for the position and identify risks in behavior that can lead to financial or reputational losses for the company.

This is a toolless technology and the best alternative to classical lie detection.
In the ordinary course of a candidate's conversation, a certified profiler examines the complex of verbal and nonverbal reactions of the opponent, determining the level of his reliability and openness. In some cases, the technique can be supplemented by the use of the services of a professional polygraph examiner.
The way we work
Conduct a research
We use the best scientific practices at the nexus of cognitive, biological and personal psychology.
We conduct a neuro-linguistic interview in the format of a structured meeting. We actively use integral methods of psychophysiological diagnostics
We analyse the results
The information got in the course of the study is processed into a comprehensive report, which includes risk factors, characterological characteristics of the individual, metaprogram profile of the person under study.

An example of the report can be downloaded at the following.
We give recommendations
We select motivational methods and redesign the KPI system. We optimise individual processes, which lower work efficiency.
This provides an opportunity to build a strong and stable team.