Tests of abilities

Ability tests, or talent assessment, is an effective tool attraction talented specialists to the company. We assess professional, creative, intellectual capabilities of a candidate. We identify the level of professional ability in the direction in which he or she will work. We provide recommendations on potential growth points.
The way we work
Conduct a research
We will select the optimal assessment methodology for your task: we will conduct tests of general and special abilities. We have over 50 diagnostic options including psychological profiling, IQ tests, SHL technologies, Ecopsy, Talent Q and more.
We analyse the results
You receive a deep, objective and complete analysis of the applicants' abilities for the post. You see what points of application there are for the effective realisation of the potential of a specialist in the company.
We give recommendations
Using the test results, we prepare a set of recommendations for the career and professional development of talented staff. We offer options on how to integrate a specialist into a corporate environment.
Aptitude tests let us assess the maximum possible, rather than typical, level of candidates' abilities such as how successfully they perform tasks, making every effort to achieve the result