We create on a turn-key basis effective teams for any structure, from a large industrial enterprise to a public organisation.
While creating, we take into account the goals and objectives of the company. We build a team which not only be able to deal with operational tasks, but will be able to work for a long term, achieving strategic goals. We find employees considering their sustainability, ensuring will-coordinated teamwork.
Team building

We build effective management teams.
We develop a coherent and logical team structure with clear and interconnected functionality of managers and line staff. We find employees and launch business processes.
Team optimisation

We evaluate the existing team.
We identify overlapping and missing competencies, draw up a development strategy, build cross-functional processes, and promote teamwork.
The way we work
Finding out more about the company
We interview all stakeholders such as business owners and funders. We study the business goals and tasks that are put in front of the team.

We make a map of the necessary competencies of the team, cut the functionality of future employees, draw up a development strategy and a plan of work on the project.

Analyse the market
We analyses thoroughly the competition environment (benchmarking).
We identify key players, industry experts and influencers. We work with industry communities and verify the best candidates in both given and adjacent segments.

Using this data we organise a search map, including open channels, referral, selection, donor companies and particular individuals
Build a team
Подбираем подходящих сотрудников в соответствии с разработанным составом команды и необходимым функционалом. Делаем оценку hard и soft skills каждого участника и их психологическую совместимость с друг с другом. Проводим комплексную проверку кандидатов.
We coordinate the team
We supervise the adaptation process and set up the work of the team, ensuring teamwork.
We develop a system of incentives and KPI.
We monitor the performance of each employee and the team as a whole, evaluate the impact of HR factors on meeting the goal.

How to build a team
capable of launching innovations