Succession planning

Any business owner at different stages of the company's development is thinking about appointing an employed manager to the role of CEO. A prerequisite for that may be both the desire to scale the business and some fatigue from operating activities and the desire to focus on a specific direction.

According to independent research, 24% of salaried CEOs leave their post after a year of work.
The main reason is the lack of mutual understanding with the business owner and the team.
The multifactorial assessment of candidates we propose allows to avoid such disagreements, as well as predicting the effectiveness of the successor with high accuracy and significantly minimising the risks associated with its introduction into the company.
The way we work
We verify the request
During an in-depth interview with the business owner, we identify the strategic vision of the company's development, short- and long-term goals, as well as the current and desired degree of personal participation in the company management.
We form a successor profile
We analise the functional distribution and assess cross-functional interaction in the top management team, identify the features of the corporate culture and the valuable profile of the organisation.

Based on the analised information, we build a target profile of the successor with a description of the functional range and potential areas of responsibility.
We assess candidates
In the evaluation process of potential successors, we analise how the personal and motivational profile of candidates corresponds to the target portrait of the CEO and if it is compatible with the profile of the owner.

Comprehensive diagnostics may include polygraphic checks, assessment of professional competencies, personality diagnostics and reputation screening.
We give recommendations
At the conclusion of the evaluation activities, we focus the Customer's attention on the most important aspects of the personality and the level of competence of a potential successor.

If necessary, our experts may draw up recommendations for further interaction with the hired manager, draw up a succession plan and develop a system of motivation.