We know how to smooth the rough edges in relations between business partners, business owners and hired top management.
By using HR mediation technologies we systematically resolve corporate disagreements which limited the effectiveness of the company. We find out the reasons of the conflict, establish communication, respect the interests of all parties. We make sure that the team works on shared objectives.
For partners

Mediation for business partners is an opportunity to preserve and raise the overall business to a new level.
It is addressed when there arise differences of a communicative, personal, value or business nature between people who own the same company.
We bring to a common denominator and cancel out the positions of the parties.
For owners

Mediation between business owners and top managers is a modern way to solve problems in corporate governance.
In our experience, 90% of conflicts in this area are related to communication gaps.
We work towards interaction so that the owners of the company and the managers become one team.

The way we work
We study the situation
We conduct focus interview in-depth with mediation participants. We set up blocks of values, targets, and expectations of each of the parties. We study the structure, specifics of the business, the established communication system.
We finding the reason
We conduct a multifactorial analysis of the reasons that led to disagreements or a conflict situation.
We draw up a conflict map with a detailed description of each element, they are the objects of the dispute, explicit and hidden goals, motivations, needs, fears.
We bring to an agreement
Based on the analysis conducted, we conduct a series of closed negotiations with each of the mediation participants in turn, until the parties come to a full agreement or mutually beneficial outcome.
We establish communication
On request we develop and implement a system of effective communications between the mediation parties and the whole team in order to eliminate the repetition of problematic situations.