Leader Profiling

Leader profiling is a step towards the conscious building of business and partnerships.
A multifactorial assessment of the head of the company allows us to get a deeper understanding of personal and motivational predispositions that directly affect the business.

With the help of advanced assessment tools, we create a visualised psychometric profile that includes reliable information about leadership style, behavioral characteristics, motivational and professional characteristics. This allows us to look at managerial challenges from a different angle, as well as to answer emerging issues in business and career.
The way we work
We verify the request
We organise an in-depth interview with a customer, during which we identify the main request, key goals and current issues.
Based on the information received, we develop an individually designed set of evaluation procedures.
We conduct an assessment
We set various assessment tools to have a multifactorial analysis of personality, motivation, behaviour and other characteristics.

We analise the results
Based on the multifactorial analysis, we generate a comprehensive report and determine by expert means exactly how behavioral models and deep motivators hinder the achievement of goals.
We give recommendations
Based on the results of the evaluation activities, we provide in-depth feedback on the characteristics of the Customer's personality, the characteristic management style and predisposition to solving one or another type of management tasks.

As a result of a series of individual sessions, company leaders receive important insights about their careers, business approaches and team interaction.