of the leader's
closest surrounding

The success of the company's top officials largely depends on the people they surround themselves with.
We assess the closest surrounding of the business owner and answer strategically important issues, such as what kind of structure to build and how to increase its efficiency.

Profiling of top management and business partners allows you to assess the prospects for cooperation and identify key risks for the owner.
By evaluating the compatibility of personal and motivational profiles, we can increase the effectiveness of relationships between partners and improve interaction within the team.

The way we work
We verify the request
Based on an in-depth analysis of the company's business goals, we determine which competencies are needed at the top management level. Taking into account the specifics of the request, we select an individual set of evaluation tools to "highlight" the most important aspects that affect the effectiveness of the immediate environment.
We assess
We set variable tools for group and individual assessment, allowing for a multifactorial analysis of personality, motivation, management styles, professional competencies, constraints and other characteristics.
Analyzing the data
Having the evaluation results, we impose personal and motivational profiles of managers on the profile of the owner, which allows us to identify key features of interaction, as well as potential limitations

When working with teams, we also analise the effectiveness of the distribution of areas of responsibility, the balance of team roles and hidden conflicts of interest.
We give recommendations
As a result of the evaluation procedures, we form a set of recommendations for effective interaction of the owner with top management and/or business partners.
Depending on the initial request, our experts provide information for making management decisions of various directions, from basic personnel issues to business development and new directions.