Assessment of independent directors

As soon as several interested parties are on the board of directors, there is a need for an unaffiliated expert with a decisive voice who will be able to make objective management decisions and act solely for the benefit of the company.
Obviously, the appointment of an independent director cannot be based on intuition, because such an approach contains a lot of financial and reputational risks.

Understanding the specifics of the formation of corporate governance systems, our experts have developed a set of assessment procedures for independent directors, which will allow you to protect your business "at the entrance" and warn against the appointment of an ineffective manager.

The way we work
We verify the request
During the diagnostic session with the Company's participants, we determine the target portrait of the independent director and his areas of responsibility.
We assess
As part of a comprehensive diagnosis, depending on the request, we carry out polygraphic checks, assessment of professional competencies, personality diagnostics and reputation screening.
We analise the results
As a result of the assessment of candidates for the role of independent director, we analise the compliance of their profiles with the target portrait.

We give recommendations
Focusing on the request of key stakeholders, we provide a multifactorial assessment of the personality and conclude the degree of compliance with the position held.